Information about Dufferin Film and Television

Why List Your Venue

Film & Television is a 1.7 billion dollar a year industry in Ontario. The Dufferin Board of Trade and the Town of Orangeville would like to see more of that spending done in Dufferin County! You can play your part by adding your venue (unique homes, businesses, outdoor locations, etc) to the venue directory and/or adding your service business (catering, accommodations, hair/makeup, etc.) to the services directory on the Dufferin Film Portal site.

It is easy and free to register your home, business, or property. If your venue or business are selected by a production, they’ll contact you directly through the portal. This keeps your address and contact information private and give you control over who visits your property and your terms.

Hiring out your property or business services to Film & Television productions can be an incredibly fun and easy way to generate extra income. The Dufferin Film Portal will help you gain maximum promotion and exposure for your venue or business!

Venue Photography Tips

Tell your venue’s story with photos. Photograph your property in landscape format using the widest shots possible without distorting the image.

  • -Have the photos share the experience from the perspective of someone arriving at your location and then walking through the building/property.
  • -Photograph your neighbourhood street looking both ways.
  • -Shoot the outside of your house or building, including the driveway and yard.
  • -Take a wide shot of the back yard and back of house.
  • -Shoot the inside of the house, one room at a time.
  • -Pay attention to any special features (bay windows, indoor pool, stairway).
  • -Show entrances in your photos if possible

Keep your description factual and mention special features such as vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, and swimming pools.

Income Opportunity

Production companies generally pay venues $500-$5,000 per day. The rate you are offered will vary depending on several factors, such as: the type of project (feature film, commercial, music video, etc.) and its budget, the duration of the project, the amount of space the film crew will occupy, and the scale of the home and property. Typically, filming consists of at least one Prep Day, when the crew rearranges furniture or brings sets into the location, one or more Shoot Days, and a Wrap Day, when sets are taken down and the home or business is cleaned and inspected. The rate of compensation typically varies for each day your property is used. For example, ‘shoot days’, usually pay more than prep or wrap days.

When working with production, it is important to get all the details before settling on a rate to use your home or business as a location.

Filming activity in a neighbourhood can create noise and parking concerns as well as traffic congestion. This can cause a strain for other residents and businesses. Therefore, a production company is required to gain permission from the municipality prior to filming.

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